At Carl Kammerling International we care greatly about our environmental impacts and have a number of schemes in place to ensure that we meet all government legislation in relation to Packaging Waste, WEEE, RoHS and REACH.

We are aware of and accurately report and pay all levies in relation to our packaging waste compliance obligations under the UK Packaging waste regulations for the packaging we are responsible for, which ultimately enters the UK Waste stream.

We confirm that all implicated primary plastic packaging supplied by Carl Kammerling International Ltd to our UK Customers, will have all applicable Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) liabilities paid either by our company, or our UK suppliers and we hereby confirm that our customers shall not have any liabilities in respect of the UK PPT arising from the provision of our goods and packaging. In the event that primary plastic packaging components supplied to customers contains 30% or more recycled content and is therefore not subject to a PPT payment, Carl Kammerling International Ltd will supply copies on request of any certification or audits as evidence to verify the claimed recycled content.

Where we are liable for PPT for plastic packaging around products supplied to customers in the UK, we will provide an Annual PPT declaration statement confirming our continued compliance under the obligations as applicable to packaging tax paid in relation to our products.

We only use recyclable materials for our products, utilise minimal packaging to reduce bulk as much as possible. We and are engaged in a plastic packaging reduction programme and of course segregate and recycle all that we can in our waste output from our own sites, in pursuit of our zero to landfill objectives.

We are continually pushing the boundaries and have invested in various energy saving technologies such as solar PV systems that reduce our Grid energy consumption and export surplus solar energy to the grid for use by others. We have installed voltage reduction transformers that have also significantly reduced our electrical consumption and extended the operating life of our electrical equipment.
We have completed a programme of upgrading to LED lighting which has also radically reduced energy consumption. Automated warehouse doors, insulated roofs and intelligent thermostats have reduced our heating requirements, all contributing to huge reductions in our CO2 footprint.  We encourage employee engagement in projects to identify other environmental savings across the company.