Carl Kammerling has its own sales force team which cover National & Regional accounts across the whole of the UK & Ireland. The teams are split regionally into North, South and East headed up by a dedicated Regional Sales Manager. The teams have established excellent relationships with our customers over the years, with some of the team choosing to spend their full careers with the business. This has led to a settled sales team with some sales managers offering vast experience and knowledge of our products and the Industry, which our customers have grown to trust and respect ensuring a valued partnership.

Jeff Britton
Sarah Dyer
Stacey Amis
Joshua Meyerratken

Ireland & Scotland

Janet Bourke
Teresa Mackin
Steven Mulvany
Arthur Paterson

England & Wales

Adam Krawczyk
Mike Lloyd
John Callighan
Todd Kaine
Alan Rowley
Emily Shaw
Michael Tromans
Melanie Gilliatt-Haigh
Spencer McCrory
Roy Buch
Giorgio Calcioli
Mike Ratken
Ben Ratken
Kelly Baker