C.K Tools’ launches latest renewable energy kit for Solar Installation

Thursday, 24 August 2023
C.K Tools’ launches latest renewable energy kit for Solar Installation

C.K Tools, the trusted choice for trade professionals, has launched a Solar Installer Kit, tailor made to provide the core tools required to complete a solar installation in a lightweight, durable and affordable package.


Devised in collaboration with solar installers, the 38-piece kit (RRP: £496.82) covers every step in the panel fitting process, from marking out, to framing, panel fitment and termination. All essential tools for the job are contained within a Magma Rucksack Plus, meaning each item has a secure and designated space, and providing ultimate durability and comfort. The streamlined choice of items within is lightweight enough to carry and manage easily when working on rooftops.


The kit includes an MC4 cable crimper – purpose-made to fit MC4 cable, the primary electrical connector used in the renewables industry – which is essential for completing the job safely, accurately, and to the required legal standards.


Alongside the MC4 cable crimper and Magma Rucksack plus, the kit also contains:

  • 3/8 inch socket and spanner set, colour coded for easy identification and locating.
  • Jokari solar PV cable stripper, which gives a precise, clean strip on PV cable without scoring inner cores.
  • An XT tape measure, heavy duty for greater accuracy.
  • A cable cutter, giving precise, easy cutting of solar cables.
  • Hex keys and nut setters to drive a variety of hex bolts and self-tapping screws needed for framing.
  • MC4 connection spanners in size 1000V and 1500V, giving options for both commercial and domestic solar connectors.
  • Two Dextro VDE Screwdrivers (PZ2 and SL4) for safely tightening terminals and covers for enclosures.


The kit launch comes hot on the heels of the boom in demand for solar installations in both domestic and commercial settings, as the nation strives to reach net zero emissions targets and consumers strive to bring down energy costs. Global hiring platform Indeed, which holds the world’s largest database of worker and employer behaviour, hailed solar panel installer as the ‘best job of 2023’[1] and latest figures from IBISWorld show that there are there are 2,290 Solar Panel Installation businesses in the UK as of 2023, an increase of 7.2% from 2022.[2]


The kit from C.K Tools is the first of its kind on the market, providing tools for every step of the panel fitting process. Designed for anyone fitting PV panels, users can expect the brand’s trademark durability and quality. For over 100 years, C.K has been at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing, high quality tools that meet the most demanding needs of trade professionals.


Brinley Buckley Roberts, brand manager at C.K Tools, says: “We’ve worked in close collaboration with a team of solar installers to get this kit just right. It contains everything needed to do the job properly, and nothing more. It was essential that we developed a lightweight and streamlined kit, as – of course. – the nature of the job includes climbing ladders and working on rooftops. We’ve also kept the cost to a minimum – making this an accessible selection for anyone who might be new to the trade or pivoting into a new role. It’s is a comprehensive, durable, affordable selection of tools, contained in a very high quality, easy to carry rucksack that’s built to last.


“This is our second set targeted at those working in renewable energy, following on from our EV Charge Point Installers Kit. We pride ourselves on understanding the ever-changing needs of our customers, and as the move towards net zero continues, we will continue to support those who are physically overhauling our infrastructure and technology nationwide.”