The Productwise Package

At Carl Kammerling we are proud of our commitment to continual product improvement. Our industrial partnerships, our product innovation and our consultation with end users has resulted in a company with a vast store of product knowledge and expertise.

In early 2007 we began to look at ways we could share this knowledge with our customers to help them grow their sales by increasing their confidence. This led to the creation of Productwise - a free, easy to use web site that takes you through everything you need to know about our products and their benefits.



Using Productwise

Each Productwise section covers a different aspect of our range, such as Hammers, Pliers & Cutters or Padlocks. We introduce the topic with a little product history before looking at the different types available, their uses, merits and flaws before going on to look at the products available from Carl Kammerling.

You can use this free resource to look up topics and browse to areas that you'd like to know more about or you can work through a section and complete it, taking the final multiple choice assessment to confirm what you've learned.

Everyone who completes a topic successfully is awarded a Productwise certificate, to demonstrate their understanding and to congratulate them on the commitment to improving their sales ability.


Getting Started

Everything you need to know about using Productwise is available on the site, where we have FAQs, module recommendations and contact details should you need further help.


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