Ecotronic Slim Side Cutter

Side Cutters (Slim)

  • Lightweight, precision side cutters for fine cutting applications.
  • Suitable for cutting soft copper wires of up to 1.3mmØ / 16AWG.
  • Slim, tapered head for access in confined spaces.
  • Sharp, precision ground cutting edges with a full flush cut.
  • Special tool steel blade, hardened for long-term cutting performance.
  • Elecro-static discharging handles - dissipative 10?.
  • Contoured, dual component handle design for comfortable working.
  • Black oxidised finish for corrosion resistance and reduced glare.
  • Smooth-action return spring for convenience during repetitive work.
  • Joint with durable stainless steel rivet.
  • Technical information:
  • Total length: 139 mm
  • Blade length: 9 mm
  • Cutting angle: 21°
  • Head Height (from joint to tip): 18 mm
  • Head Width (Widest point): 10 mm
  • Steel Thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Cutting Capacity (Copper only) : 1,3 mm / 16 AWG
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T3885 Ecotronic ESD Side Cutters (Slim) 1.3 / 16 icon_cut_extra_full_flush 6