190 High Security Padlocks

  • Conforms to BS EN 12320: Class 5, meaning this is amongst the most secure padlocks available today.
  • Hardened boron alloy steel shackle to protect against hacksaw and cropping attacks.
  • Double ball bearing locking mechanism to resist torsion and pull attacks.
  • Pearl nickel plated hardened steel body for extra strength and resistance against corrosion.
  • 6 pin anti drill cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins to protect against picking attacks.
  • Paracentric keyway.
  • Key retaining.
  • Drill resistant keyway.
  • 2 keys per padlock.
  • Suitable for securing shutters, site gates, containers, and other high security applications.
Icon 7 Hardened Alloy Shackle Icon 9 Ball Bearing Locking Icon 1a Anti Pick Icon 2a Anti Drill Icon 11 Normal Outdoor
Item No.
Icon Shield
Icon Blank Key
K19070D 190 High Security Padlock Single Display Pack 14 20 K19070KB
K19070KA 190 High Security Padlock Keyed Alike 14 20 K19070KB
K19070MK 190 High Security Padlock Master Keyed 14 20 K19070KB
K19070XD 190 High Security Padlock Closed Shackle 15 20 K19070KB
K19070XKA 190 High Security Padlock Closed Keyed Alike 15 20 K19070KB
K19070XMK 190 High Security Padlock Closed Master Keyed 15 20 K19070KB